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    This is to introduce the Monster Beats ™ Solo ™ HD Red Limited edition.
    Although this product has a microphone function, but Richard didn't want to classify it in the headset.
    Because iPod and iPhone products only applies to most of the microphone, and a small part of the Blackberry machine.
    In addition, the red limited edition has a very special meaning, is the income will be used to help
    Africa AIDS children. There is a period of about this charity project description in the official website:
    "In the Africa Sahara desert, every day more than 3800 people have died from AIDS
    And every day more than 1000 children infected by HIV virus.
    Beats Solo HD Red Limited Edition income, would be used to help raise the cure of HIV infection in Africa funds.
    One day as long as $0.40 U.S. dollars, can buy two maintain a HIV patient s life needs a day dosage.
    This international funds and buy the Headset benefits, may help the people in need. "
    So, buy a Headset can enjoy not only his gorgeous appearance and lively music,
    It can also indirectly help children suffering from AIDS Africa, is a public product Monster.
    Out of the box
    Then, we will come out of the box!

    Big Solo HD Red box to the Headset box the box is quite large.

    The back of the box

    Both sides of the packaging

    A moment to open the box immediately can see a bag

    Fully open out flat, Monster really really pay attention to packaging!
    Richard on this point quite sure, absolutely important!

    The box cover inner open space, can see a Headset line and some files

    The file in the file all the way out to have a look

    The surface treatment of Solo HD Red, easy to dip fingerprints, Monster close to the wiping cloth.

    Next we will have a look bag

    Bag zipper, writing above Monster

    Back zipper is beats logo

    Solo HD line is Headset separate (that is to say, can play Headset line!)

    Have the answer button line body central, and volume control.
    If your phone can support it, Solo HD can be used when the headset.

    This is Headset plug, plug is 3.5mm general STEREO

    This is the source of the plug, a section to support can corresponding microphone

    The back plug source end is Logo with the words Monster

    Open the moment carrying bag, the red Solo HD

    Solo HD can be folded Headset, storage space can be saved

    The red Solo HD

    Monster is the right Headset words

    The inside left Headset is beats words

    The right medial close to the ear part and some promotional text

    Wearing the regulation, although no scales, but opened when you can feel there is a section of a feedback

    The top head written beats by Dr. dre

    Side head are written on Solo HD Red Special Edition, earnings will be donated to charity

    Earmuff part, the material is very soft, although is a small ear muffs, however not feel uncomfortable

    Jack connection Headset line

    A moment Headset line connection Headset.

    Please note, Headset line to be inserted into the bottom hard, not plugged into tone

    Headset box here to have a look this over, Headset performance next!
    Monster Headset review project
    1 please tell us your opening experience. How do you to our product packaging and products like impression?
    This is the first time out of the box Monster Richard beats series Headset.
    Packing with Monster consistent luxury, out of the box is very special!
    2 please indicate what kind of music do you use to compare beats Solo HD Red with what you already have Headset?
    Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show 2007
    Robert Wolf und Fany Kammerlander - Faro
    L'Arpeggiata - La Tarantella- Antidotum Tarantulae
    Postcards - The Turtle Creek Chorale
    Straight No Chaser – Christmas Cheers
    Alicia Key
    Boys II Man
    Cantate Domino
    Norwegian Chamber Orchestra - Vivaldi 4Seasons
    STAX dummy head recording
    The Ultrasone test disk
    Celtic Woman - Songs From The Heart
    Les Musiciens Du Louvre - Marc Minkowski - J.P.Rameau - Une Symphonie Imaginaire
    Tchaikovski - Violin Concerto & Others (Julia Fischer, RNO, Yakov Kreizberg (Piano))

    3 please tell us your audio (portable source, electric pen, other), ask Turbine Pro and to match the effect how?
    Sandisk Fuse [FLAC]
    COWON iAudio S9 [FLAC]
    TASCAM CD-401 [CD]
    Sony SCD-333ES [CD]
    Cantate [PC/S9/CD-401/SCD-333ES]
    WooAudio WA6
    4 please indicate how low frequency beats Solo HD Red?
    "Excuse me bass makes you think you have a subwoofer subwoofer feeling?
    Please extend, low frequency is low?
    "Please explain that low-frequency pounds sound feeling?
    It also used to say? Low frequency is a ring of beats series is the most important.
    Low frequency in large quantity, the extension is not Monster non beats series so deep,
    Low frequency pounds sound quite obvious, if this is the first time to listen to Solo HD, not burn in,
    Low frequency may be the only thing you hear something? (laughs)

    5 please indicate the beats Solo HD Red in the musical instrument performance whether clean flawless, and very high resolution?
    Clean is clean, the background is black.
    Analytic if it's quite ordinary, not extraordinary, no less.
    6 please indicate the beats Solo HD Red whether the instrument dynamic give you attack (impact) feeling?
    Beats Solo HD is to give people a very exciting feeling,
    And he's Dr. Dre endorsement of the product, so it should be very strong dynamic.
    But the feeling of dynamic Richard listening is not very aggressive, but a bit slow.
    7 please indicate the beats Solo HD Red how to interpret the voice?
    Burn in Solo before HD is intolerable to the ear in vocal performance (so please Burn in 100 hours),
    Burn in, the voice is like the former, sound warm, suitable for rhythm and blues, slow songs.
    RAP this fast, there is a sense of rhythm.
    Is not suitable for that screamed types of singing style.

    8 please indicate the beats Solo HD Red in a low voice when performance?
    Is nothing too special feeling, but still quite strong low frequency.
    9 please indicate the performance of dynamic in loud voice?
    The sound of time, such as the Miles Davis, can give a person a kind of impact force and aggression,
    This is a very extreme to stimulate the ear way, like people have a listen to feel pleasure.
    But Solo HD's performance in this respect compared to ordinary, shout loudly,
    Its ears hearing shock and delight, Solo HD will make Richard feel too loud, want to shut down a bit.
    10 please indicate whether you can hear you never hear from beats Solo HD Red resolution performance?
    If this is the first contact for more than $100 Headset,
    His resolution never lets you hear never hear a sound.
    If contact with many kinds of Headset, even with a higher price than Solo HD,
    His resolution is only ordinary, not bad.
    11 please indicate how beats Solo HD Red in the movie showing?
    Especially those powerful movie theme song with special sound.
    Because of low frequency and high Solo HD and Q strength, have a little bit of overtone plus,
    So quite suitable in the movie, shot blasting and specific performance have a certain standard.

    Headset comments
    Writing in the front, beats Solo HD listen to before, be sure to have a good Headset Headset line connection.
    May be a bit tight, so hard, to determine the Headset lines are in place, it could only tones.
    In addition, the beats Solo HD must Burn in (pot Headset). Must be! To the absolute! Please remember!
    No pot Headset will let you feel the Headset is defective, do not feel good, think to buy expensive... And so on negative thoughts.
    We must remember that pot Headset, usually for 24 hours has improved a lot, but it can make a 100 hour.
    Solo HD is good quality, materials used pretty sturdy also pretty cool.
    Not in the hands of a cheap feeling, is a time to let you feel feel valuable products.
    Solo HD parts are not many, is Headset lines and carrying bag.
    Auxiliary did not in fact need the other parts, the others have.
    Because Solo HD is very good, also emphasized with the Walkman with,
    Joint not including 6.3mm is understandable.
    Solo HD is a small ear muffs, also belong to the clip ear type Headset.
    Most people do not like the design, because the pressure on the ear,
    But Solo HD with very soft to very soft cushion, Richard feel comfort is also good.
    Tri band
    Just opened the sound, not Burn In Solo HD no tri band, only one frequency, is the frequency.
    Low frequency extremely prominent, medium frequency and high frequency of extreme depression, is simply not listen.
    He even wrote a letter to the Monster protests that is ugly, can't write comments...
    But then the static under heart to come, to Solo HD left the plane to Burn ~
    The day after, that sounds so much better, so they let him continue to Burn about 100 hours.
    This low frequency but still very obvious, but the rest of the frequency is also not so depressed.
    Extended high frequency and middle frequency is relatively weak, but the balance is ok.
    Test disk using Ultrasone, some music performance actually does not lose to some big muff!
    Tone quality
    Solo HD sound quality is plastic. Not that bad with how burn burn is not the kind of,
    Isn't that a born beauty, not burn is also quite intoxicated that class.
    Slowly to listen, will find it more and more.
    Low frequency Solo HD strong, so you may think is warm sound.
    In fact, he is neutral warm, more is to spend time with him, the more neutral.
    Solo HD density is high, the sound is not scattered,
    Low frequency quantity big, also won't break loose, low frequency is Q jin.
    Solo HD analysis does not give the often heard Headset people what shocked, but the others have.
    For the first time with this price band Headset people, should hear the past not to hear the details.
    Appearance and his speed of Solo HD's performance a little inconsistent with the,
    Looks very streamline and speed, the dynamic is quite slow, ha!
    The voice for rhythm or relatively slow music,
    Heavy metal music is not suitable for the roar scream type.
    Beats Solo HD Monster with his flagship Turbine Pro or Miles Davis is not the same as positioning.
    The former is a consumer product, the latter is a professional grade products, so the two kinds of voice quality is not the same, the price of course is not the same.
    Although Solo HD sound quality is not professional, not Richard heard the best,
    But Solo HD never did not sound good, sound quality is maintained in his price band level.
    Many people want to wear the ear, can listen to music, and the other, but most not ugly big ear is not good push.
    Solo HD appearance is quite pleasant, material texture is also good, with soft and comfortable, and he is very good to promote.
    Casual Walkman can promote, do not buy ear expansion to increase the volume and weight.
    In addition, Solo HD also can be folded, and the carrying bag can be incorporated, line can also be pulled out, very convenient.
    If you have a iPhone or a series of Blackberry machine, Solo HD can also be used when the headset, value for money.
    So the Solo HD is a consumer grade comprehensive Headset, buy a red can also help children with AIDS Africa oh!

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